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Coastal ClayMakers actively encourages and welcomes members & visitors to our workshops. All our activities are advertised in the local press and promoted to galleries and art groups on the Mid-North Coast.

Coastal ClayMakers’ Weekend Workshops are held in the Ceramic studio at TAFE, Glenreagh Street. Phil Greed, Head Teacher of Information Technology and Creative Industries at TAFE and a founding member of Coastal ClayMakers committee very generously makes the studio’s world-class facilities available.

Appreciative participants work in well-equipped and well-lit areas appropriate to the workshop. These include the wheel room, hand building room, glaze room and kiln room. An outdoor experimental kiln area houses raku, black firing, sawdust and wood firing kilns.

How to book a Workshop

If you would like to attend a workshop you can call the workshop contact or complete the registration form and send it to Coastal ClayMakers via email or post.

Payment may be made by direct debit or cheque to PO Box (see registration form for details.)

Calender of Upcoming Workshops

Max Powell Workshop

Max Powell is a ceramic artist from Glen Innes. Max grew up in the country, developing a love of the rich diversity of the landscape. His ceramic work represents the artist’s investigation of the elemental tools of design and creation such as form, colour, line and texture. Max layers these elements to create surfaces that give a feeling of the hot dry summers, the frosty winter mornings and the many and varied influences and stories that are drawn from the landscape and mixed into the potter’s clay.