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New trends in tableware

Great news. All white china plates and platters are OUT! Restaurant Chefs are choosing to work closely with potters to develop stylish hand made table ware which complements food, is good to use and adds to the overall ambience of a superb meal. Rather than as a ‘background’ to the food a well designed hand made plate, bowl or cup makes dining out or at home a truly soul nurturing experience. When potters come together they always do food so well. A thoughtfully dressed table with a sumptuous spread feeds the body and the creative mind. Hand made table ware invites the diner to pick up the bowl and nestle it in the hand. Mmmmm.

Ann Riley Tidelines
Anne Reilly platter

I am feeling pretty excited about the revival of interest in the hand made. This month I have been buoyed by the positivity of articles in the latest Journal of Australian Ceramics. Sandy Lockwood writes “Conversation, Jazz and Pots”, John Dermer talks about “The Integrity of Function” and Damon Moon shares his “journey from the road to the table.” Delightful images accompany the articles. It’s good to think of how this new movement will greatly increase the audience for stunning pottery.

I am inspired anew and my heart is so happy as I work to throw beautiful bowls – not a bad aim for 2015!

Ann Streckfuss

If things go bad

Never make a planter!

Maybe that is not quite right. What I should have said is – if you want a planter, plan it out, do the drawings, open the clay and do it.

All of us will get to a point half way through a serious project where things are not doing so well. The short cut is to say, oh well I’ll just put some drainage holes in the bottom and put some herbs in it.

I think that if things are bad, instead of the holes maybe drop it on the floor and recycle the remains.

It is better to have some heroic failures. Take ownership of the difficulties and fight it out. You may have a fifty fifty balance of really good pots and really bad pots. That’s not bad odds.

If there are no holes in the bottom it’s art.

John 2015